SES is the provider of a highly efficient, cost effective, and commercially proven coal and biomass conversion technology based on the U-GAS® gasification technology that was developed over the last 40 years. The U-GAS® process was the result of a Department of Energy (DOE) and Gas Technology Institute (GTI) joint development program that began in the early 1970s to convert coal into synthetic natural gas during the first US energy crisis. The U-GAS® gasification technology was piloted, demonstrated, and commercially operated on a wide range of feedstocks including bituminous coal, sub-bituminous coal, lignite, biomass, coal char and wastes, and metallurgical coke. Since SES has begun to commercially deploy the U-GAS® technology, we have advanced the technology through modifications to improve conversion, efficiency, and cost competitiveness through an expanding intellectual property estate.  Our technology enables customers to realize higher project returns through greater fuel flexibility, higher efficiency, lower operating costs, and lower capital investment.

Click below for a copy of our SES Technology Fact Sheet:

SES Technology Fact Sheet