Project Investment

Through joint ventures, SES built, owns, and operates two commercial coal-to-methanol plants in China with our joint venture partners.

Zao Zhuang Joint Venture 

SES has a cooperative joint venture contract with Xuecheng Energy (“XE”) for its Zao Zhuang ("ZZ") Joint Venture plant. The ZZ Joint Venture developed, constructed and operates a coal-to-methanol plant utilizing the SES' advanced gasification technology in Zao Zhuang City, Shandong Province, China. SES owns 97% of the ZZ Joint Venture and XE owns the remaining 3%.

LocationShandong Province, China
PartnerXuecheng Energy
Syngas Capacity22,000 Nm3/hr of H2+CO
End Product100,000 tpy Methanol
Operating FuelCoal middlings (40% wt ash bituminous washery waste)
First Syngas Production2007

Yima Joint Venture (click for site images)

The Yima project was developed and operates under a joint venture with Yima Coal Industry Group Co. Ltd., a large integrated coal company owned by the Chinese government. Yima Coal Industry Group Co. Ltd. is headquartered in Yima City, in China’s Henan Province. Key markets segments the company is involved in are coal mining, power generation, cement, alumina and coal to chemicals.

LocationHenan Province, China
PartnerYima Coal Industry Group Co.
Syngas Capacity90,000 Nm3/hr of H2+CO
End ProductRefined Methanol and Methanol Derivatives
Operating FuelSub-bituminous coal (35%-43% wt ash)
First Methanol ProductionDecember 2012